Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Eco-Fail: Frito-Lay To Discontinue "Sustainable" Sun Chips Packaging...

...because the "compostable" bag sounds like a freakin' rocket launcher. And maybe because sales of Sun Chips have seen the bottom drop out, as consumers decide they don't want to hear a demonic cacophony every time they want to eat a goddamn chip? Let's go to the most reliable source I can find, Packaging Digest:

Frito-Lay is dropping its biodegradable SunChips bag, just 18 months after introducing it. Launched with extensive publicity that highlighted the bag’s 100-percent compostability, the new packaging quickly became the target of negative attention because of how noisy it is.

The bag’s infamously pronounced crinkling sound is said to be caused by the unique molecular structure of the material, which makes it more rigid and therefore louder when manipulated.

Although many people initially applauded the company’s move toward the recyclable bags, public opinion quickly turned against the brand, driving SunChips sales down more than 11 percent over the past year, according to USA Today.

Frito-Lay, however, isn’t abandoning its efforts toward a recyclable bag. The company is dropping the noisy compostable packaging from five of the six SunChips flavors immediately, but leaving the packaging unchanged for the top-selling Original flavor.

The other five flavors will, for the time being, return to the previous non-recycleable packaging....

Another green "fail". Additional, upcoming fails, to be appearing near you: Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs, the Chevy Volt, "smart" energy grids, low-flow toilets, energy saving washing machines that don't clean your clothes, and the entirety of the Democratic party.

And in case you are not familiar with the roar of Sun Chip packaging, this little video will demonstrate how obnoxious environmentalism really is:

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sdkar said...

Thank god for green fail. I have changed bottled water several times whenver a company changes to that paper thin plastic that barely holds your water and crumples just trying the hold the damn thing and take a drink. I have cut the stupid restrictors out of my toilet bowls so I get a proper flush. As far as all my fausets go, I either remove or if it is part of the assembly, drill out that stupid restrictor washer they put in so I get proper water flow and can rinse soap from my body without having to run around my shower just to get wet. In fact, I do this to every hotel I stay in as well since they insist I don't use any water.

We don't have to take this GREEN crap if we don't want to. We can fight back by voting with our dollars and re-engineering their stupid junk. These companies want to seem all earth friendly, but they really don't give a crap. The second their stupid green attitude starts to cost them money, they will go back to the way things are supposed to be. For instance, I know damn well the bottled water company has thinned out the bottle so they can save a couple of pennies on the plastic and seem earth conscious to boot. Us consumers get a inferior product, the price stays the same, and they get to say they love mother GAIA. Eventually, like all fads, this GREEN fad will become less popular and once the real people (The consumers that spend the big bucks on their offerings) make it known what they want, life will go back to normal, at least a little.

Now I'm not saying we shouldn't try a little to take care of our environment. But last time I checked, I belong on this earth too and I don't want to be pushed into a mud hut and wear leaves for warmth just so some idiots can add a few years to this planets life. I personally think it is arrogant to think we are having the level of effect on the planet they say we are. Is my SUV really going to make this planet boil in the next two decades? I don't think so. So, let's drill for our own damn oil, use our resources, not be made to feel guilty because we have super-size combo meals and eat more for lunch than most families of four eat in a week in some third rate craphole.

When the bottom dollar comes into play, companies will do what they are supposed to. As long as the govt stays out of the way.