Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Asbury Park Press Endorses Frank Pallone (D); Readers Go Nuts wasn't even the fact that the paper endorsed Frank "I wrote the health care bill" Pallone that pissed people off so much. It was the effusive praise for a out-of-touch Congressman and the curt, sneering dismissal of his opponent, Anna Little (as well as the Tea Party) - who happens to be only a point back in the polls - that sent some of the APP's readers off the deep end.

The offending editorial
is here. The comments are classic:

This editorial is incomplete - it's missing the last two / bottom lines:

"This editorial was written, and paid for by the Washington DC based Political Action Committee to re-elect Frankie Pallone".

"Hi, I'm Congressman Frankie Pallone, and I approve this ad".

Pallone is a tireless advocate for himself, and for the Pelosi agenda. Time for a change. Maybe time to cancel a subscription to the Asbury Park Press too.

TFPP: you forgot to mention all the work he did to save Fort Monmouth. OOPS, sorry. Maybe Pallone, the Tinton Falls Press, their "journalists", and their supporters will have better lives in Maryland. I know we would be better off if they did.

APP's decision to endorse Mr. Pallone for re-election discredits their judgement, and illustrates the growing irrelevance and cultural disconnect of today's MSM.

Anna Little is a principled candidate who not only believes in freedom and capitalism, but actually appears to know something about economics as well.

Wow. Not only are these editorials completely wrong, they read like campaign rhetoric lifted directly from the candidates they endorse.

I've seen enough of Pallone to know that "thoughtful" and "tireless" are the last adjectives that I would apply to him. The first that come to mind for me are "arrogant" and "ideological".

No wonder no one reads your paper or advertises anymore...

Pallone is an arrogant out of touch typical Washington democrat who cares more about special interests that his constituents.

It's called the house of REPRESENTATIVES! Your paper was the one who reported that when asked if he would vote for obamacare even if he knew the majority of his constituents were against it - HE SAID HE STILL WOULD VOTE FOR IT! And this is who your paper endorses?? And the media depicts the Tea Party People as nuts?!?! Your paper is not fit for the bottom of a bird cage. Go away.

It does not sound like anyone from the APP attended Sunday"s debate in Aberdeen...

I am really shocked that you would endorse Pallone. If you had been to the debate Sunday evening, you would know that Frankie gets all his information from the Newark Star Ledger!

I've Been a lifelong and commited Democrat. Truly, Frank Pallone does NOT LISTEN TO HIS CONSTITUENTS. Most definately, he decieved many of his supporters and lost many (including me). This is a no brainer: Frank Pallone does not get my vote! The Asbury Park Press lost my support! ANNA LITTLE IS THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO US!

It seems to be quite evident that Asbury Park Press editorial staff is as out of touch with the general public as Pallone and Holt.

This country is going to hell in a handbasket and you endorse the same clowns, Pallone and Holt, that got us in this predicament.

The other day the APP endorsed Holt. Today they are endorsing Pallone. Soon they will endorse Adler. The day after all three fall in the election the editors will sit and wonder why Gannett Publishing is looking at bankruptcy and APP personnel are being laid off.

"Return Pallone to Washington"? For the love of God, WHY? Mr. Pallone is the living, breathing embodyment of everything that's wrong with the American political landscape. He represents no one outside of his own narrow, toxic party ideology. And the APP's intellectually bankrupt endorsement ...Last ditch effort of the liberal "mainstream" media to try and give their candidate a boost

The Press has gone absolutely BONKERS!

It is now official. The Asbury Park Press is on crack!

Dear Asbury Park Press,
The reason I called and cancelled my subscription last week, after 30+ years, is because I could no longer afford it due to the increase in my health care premiums. This is a direct result of Pallone's handiwork. Be careful of what you wish for.

Ok, the APP has lost all credibility.

APP You have got to be kidding me.....Is this some kind of April Fools joke????? You are not a serious media outlet at this point

And trust me...this is not minority opinion. Go read 'em all....

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