Friday, January 29, 2010

Yeah, and Hitler wasn't an anti-Semite!

"The notion that this [health-care reform] was a radical package is just not true," Obama said. "I am not an ideologue."

I guess I understand where he's coming from - in the video below, he claims that his health-care reform bill is "centrist". If you believe that, then of course you'll believe that you're not an ideologue - hey, government control of health-care is a centrist position!

So maybe he can explain why all of the true "centrists" - the independents who helped in get into office - are voting against his party by a 2-1 margin....maybe every single one of them watches FOX News...

Check out the video, the "ideologue" comment comes early, his irritation (possibly his most well-known personality trait, at this point) at the Republicans, who he clearly blames for the failure of health care reform, despite his party's huge advantages - comes shortly afterward:

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