Sunday, January 03, 2010

Heckuva Dress, Michelle... the media's never-ending quest to convince us that everything done by the Obamas is beautiful, bright, and oh-so-right, we are again treated to a "who are you going to believe - me, or your lying eyes?" moment.

Today, the assault on our intelligence comes from the Washington Post's TV critic, who tries to convince us that Michelle Obama is dressing "smart":

On "Iron Chef," food superstars Comerford, Mario Batali, Bobby Flay and Emeril Lagasse meet in Washington for a trip to the White House. The first lady, whose domestic agenda includes promoting healthy eating, shows up in a theme-appropriate orange dress reminiscent of a crisp vegetable. She informs the chefs that the secret (and required) ingredient for the food competition -- in which three judges decide whose dishes are most delicious -- is anything in the White House garden.

Why do I think if Laura Bush, or Sarah Palin, showed up on a TV show in a bright orange and baby-blue ensemble (with matching shoes; no surprise given Michelle's fetish), the media would have whipped out every fashionista and style critic to mock the wearer's intelligence, values, and appearance?

But it's Michelle, so we dig and dig and stretch and reach for a vain excuse, until we finally get this gem: The orange dress does look like a "crisp vegetable", but it's "theme-appropriate", and thus validates our worship of the Ones.
OK, maybe to the beholden. Me, I think she looks absolutely ridiculous; telling me this is appropriate dress is like trying to convince me that Baracky O is a capitalist at heart. Sorry, folks: Neither the Emperor or Empress have any clothes.

Interesting that Michelle is pushing the "family garden" meme on the Food might say the ultimate example of Obama-style liberalism taken to its logical end is the city of Detroit, a once bustling modern metropolis now reduced to to a something out of a post-apocalyptic nightmare; a city razed to rubble by an economic Hiroshima. And what now is considered to be the last "growth" enterprise left in Detroit, the last thing this sorry 3rd-world city can possibly support?

That's right.
Farming. The final backward progression; the home of the internal combustion engine returns - under the cooing eye of the Democratic party - to an agrarian society, based on sustenance farming with a little left over to barter with at the local markets.

I guess it's easier to sell this liberal vision of the future to the American people with a bright orange dress on...


Right Truth said...

I've never liked MEchelle's choice of fashion. The belts that always ride up under her boobs, the fake boobs in some shots, the gathered big skirts that make her butt look even bigger than it is.

And what's with the sweaters? Sweaters are casual, and she wears them everywhere.

Right Truth

Unknown said...

Haha! I thought that dress was hideous when I saw it! Who wears orange (though it does match the crocs on Batali)? And blue and orange together - she looks like a cartoon character - Goofy wears blue and orange. She looks bigger than Emeril and Bobby Flay - big macho guys. I agree with Debbie - only little girls wear skirts like that. Call her Sas-SQUASH. That sweater looks like it came from Janie and Jack. And lastly, I've never seen anyone over 30 in JCrew. (I'm not normally this mean - if she were a nicer person I'd be more sympathetic.) Hopenchange: I HOPE she CHANGES that outfit! (Just too many jokes here!)

The JerseyNut said...

I appreciate the input; there were some (on twitter) who replied that they liked the outfit. I guess it's a matter of taste, but I still stand by my statement that had a Republican dressed that goofily on TV, the insults would be flowing, and the late night talk shows would have let loose the dogs of bile...