Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Massachusetts Turnout Report #2: Where's The Democratic Machine?

A report from the ground:

..I vote and live in Charlestown a middle-class Irish section of Boston.I can tell you that the Menino (and Capuano) machine was nowhere to be found this morning.Da Mayor had hundreds of folks out during the presidential election last year and his own race this year. This time around? No one. There were no Coakley volunteers anywhere near Charlestown including the polling places.

In New Jersey, we feared and dreaded the crooked Corzine/Democratic machine would storm the streets on election day. I wrote this quickie post as I was live-blogging election day/New Jersey in November, at almost the same point in the day: Where Are The Democratic Hordes? Very similar to what you see reported above....

Wait for a Boston version of this Jersey excuse later today

The Democrats - especially in Newark, where turnout has been extremely light - are now claiming that they represent "working communities" where folks will most likely vote after 5PM.

Maybe, but that's assuming that Republicans don't work...

Christie won Jersey (with its 600K+ Democratic enrollment advantage) by 4%. Will Scott Brown best that? Hey, waves get bigger as they get closer to shore....

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