Sunday, January 17, 2010

Boston Globe: Obama's "Diminished Aura"

They recognize the disease, but like a medical doctor from the Dark Ages, come up with a fairly wacky cause-and-effect.

You see, according to the Boston Globe, Obama's diminished presence has nothing at all to do with the revolt of the middle-class and independents against his policies and candidates, oh no. The strange sapping of his strength due to the fact that he has not been liberal enough! And that's why Martha Coakley is struggling, as well.

You can't make this stuff up:

The feverish excitement that propelled Barack Obama and scores of other Democrats to victory in 2008 has all but evaporated...Young voters and left-wing Democrats have become frustrated with progress on the Obama agenda in Washington.

While many young voters imagined that an Obama presidency would mean a speedy closure of Guantanamo Bay prison, a wind-down of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and a health care plan that would, at least, provide a government insurance plan to compete with the private sector, they instead are frustrated at the slow pace of change.

Actually, there is no evidence whatsoever that "disaffected youth" are bringing down the Obama presidency. But the liberal agenda has always needed scapegoats, and for the moment (and for the Globe), it appears to be 20-somethings and Obama's allegedly center-right agenda.

But the Globe sees a silver lining as the administration lashes out against conservatives (read: anyone opposing the Obama agenda), and beams with pride as the special interest groups begin to wage their dirty war:

The White House has been courting liberals of late. Obama has been brutally critical of Wall Street bankers who are scheduled to receive eight-figure bonuses, rhetoric that has a strong populist appeal. And Gibbs last week deemed “stupid’’ the comments of conservatives Rush Limbaugh and the Rev. Pat Robertson for their comments on Haiti.

National groups such as the Service Employees International Union and EMILY’s List have gotten heavily involved in the race, warning Democrats that Brown would take the country back to the policies of the Bush era....

Organizing for America, created to keep the Obama grass-roots campaign network active, is also working to energize the Obama base.

Sounds like the Globe is desperately trying to reassure itself that the aforementioned leeches will cure the disease.

Me, I hope this is the only paper that Obama reads as he flies into Massachusetts today. Hopefully he'll follow their guidance, pimp his liberal agenda, and give Scott Brown the final push over the finish line...

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