Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"ObamaGirl" To Dump Barack?

Any guy with half a brain can read between the lines here...which may disqualify the president, of course, but it doesn't mean his soon-to-be-ex isn't trying to send the signals that all is not well in paradise:

'Obama Girl' now falling out of love

First, Massachusetts turned on the president.

Now, the bikini-clad "
Obama Girl" -- who famously cooed about her "crush" throughout the presidential campaign on YouTube videos -- admits the thrill is gone.

Amber Lee Ettinger -- the buxom sensation who lip-synched about her love for then-candidate
Barack Obama -- said she wishes he spent his first year in office more focused on fixing the abysmal economy.

"I think he's doing an OK job," said Ettinger, whose original "Crush on Obama" video, first shown in 2007, has had more than 16.5 million views on YouTube.

"In my opinion, I feel like he should be focusing a lot more on jobs and the economy."
Ettinger, 28, said that even though she doesn't have health care -- "I can't afford it" -- she still thinks Obama should have waited to tackle the thorny legislation that has been blamed for the devastating Democratic loss of Ted Kennedy's Senate seat.

"He did create some jobs, but most of them were government jobs and that doesn't really help the middle class. But it helps a bit," said Ettinger.

Her grade for Obama: B- minus.

Dude, when a hot chick who was once head-over-heels in love with you now says you're merely "OK", and grades you as a "B minus", you know the love is long gone. And you know she'll be gone as well, probably in the next 15 minutes, with some other guy doesn't just brag about being a "change-machine", but who can actually...make some change happen. The correct change, so to speak.

At what point does Obama, once the king of the A-List celebrities, just become another tabloid joke, with ex-lovers mocking him and fans abandoning him in droves while he frantically blames everyone around him for his premature demise?

I'll Thursday. Right after his State of the Union address.....

Hey -can we get the "OG" changed to "BG", in honor of Scott Brown? Hmmm, bet lots of politicans would like to see their initials on Amber Ettinger wasit:

C'mon, conservatives -she's available! And, one would hope, eligible for Rule 5 status!

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