Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Scott Brown vs. Martha Coakly: The Debate

Some interesting observations from "The Lone Republican" reporting from the Boston Herald (and leave it to the MSM to be proud that they have at least one - liberal diversity for you, I guess) on this morning's debate between the candidates for the late Ted Kennedy's open Massachusetts Senate seat:

Martha Coakley is back from vacation and back to blaming Bush.

While Scott Brown talks about actual businesses in Massachusetts. Martha glosses over the issue of cap & trade which will raise costs on taxpayers by $3300.

Update: Abortion Question–Does any one believe that Martha is not in favor of late term abortions when she is supported by Emily’s list? She even thanked Emily’s list for their support on Primary night.

Update: National Security–I am glad that Scott Brown favors going after the enemy combatants unlike Martha who believes that national security begins with going after average citizens.

Update: Education–According to Martha money is the answer to our educational problems. She does not favor charter schools. Scott Brown is a supporter of charter schools and merit pay. On this issue it comes down to which candidate is pro-child and which is pro-union.

Update: Do you believe like Martha that higher taxes are an investment? Or do you agree with Scott Brown that cutting taxes will help the economy?

Update: Martha seems a little hot under the collar. Is is due to the Rasmussen poll showing that Brown has closed the gap to 9%?

Update: Corn-husk kick-back–Coakley has refused to condemn the buy out of Nelson which will force Massachusetts to pay more. Yikes, she has already sold us out.

Very interesting. The question is, how is this dyed-in-the-blue liberalism going to play in Massachusetts? Yes, yes, I know, blue state, but this shit - blame Bush, ban charters, raise taxes - is the same campaign that Jon Corzine ran in New Jersey, which resulted in his ass getting thoroughly kicked by the Republican in a state that has a 600,000+ Democratic voter advantage.

Martha is running on Corzine's platform, and while she is not tying herself to Obama the way Corzine did, she is firmly tying herself to his policies, and to the methods used by the current Congress to turn those misguided policies into law.

And it seems as if she's getting testy, as well - much like Obama does when us average folks dare to question his ways. How will she respond to the people of Massachusetts should they wish to express displeasure at her positions? Expect a locked door, a handpicked audience, or a statement from her publicist. Modern Democrats do not seem to be too high on Democracy, and Martha C. seems to fit that mindset to a "T".

Curious to see what the response is to Brown's performance today....

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Anonymous said...

The seat belongs to the people, not to Kennedy's. I hope and pray that Scott wins the seat.

All the BS of smears, and lies is not how to run a campaign, although when desperation set's in , guess you go for what you think will bs the voters to lean for a liar with no experience, and liars backing her.