Thursday, January 28, 2010

Video: Congressman Rush Holt Scuffles With Constituent at Town Hall

And you thought I was kidding when I posted the other day that Rush Holt was lucky to escape his town hall in one piece, what with his sneering condescending attitude towards the folks he is supposed to represent. Here's some video of Congressman Holt yanking the microphone out of the hand of one of the residents of NJ-12, who dares to challenge his liberal positions:

Roughing up the women..typical Kennedy/Dodd liberal....

Even the Newark Star-Ledger, the kingpin of New Jersey's liberal media, is a bit stunned - Holt takes a beating in the school cafeteria:

....these people aren’t in the mood for that sort of thing. They’re ticked off over the entire Obama agenda, from cap-and-trade to health care. They’re yelling things like “Do you care why we’re here?”

Holt didn’t help his cause when he finally started taking written questions. The first was “Is there any similarity between the tea parties of today and the original tea parties?”
Instead of saying something like “I’m sure you tea-party types are all well-meaning people” – which they are – he replied, “There’s none that I can think of.”

That got a rise out of the crowd, which has a number of tea-party adherents among the several hundred who showed up...

Unlike Rush Holt, even this liberal columnist gets the anger:

Holt is in what is supposedly a safe Democratic district. But I’ll bet he doesn’t feel so safe this year. A lot of the towns in the district, such as Marlboro, are middle-class to upper-middle class. And Obama has managed to make it obvious to such people that the Democrats are engaged in class warfare against that class.

In the past people in affluent towns in Monmouth, Middlesex and Mercer counties tended to vote their passions rather than their pocketbooks. But as the Christie election showed, the middle-class sections of New Jersey are in revolt, a fact that surprised the Christie campaign, by the way.

Holt is nowhere near safe, with two Republicans vying to run against him this November. Mayor Mike Halfacre, this blogger's favorite (disclaimer: we did contribute to his campaign), came after Holt with gusto:

Rhoda Chodosh is a constituent of Rush Holt’s, who had taken the time to come and speak with the Congressman about issues that concern her. For him to grab the microphone out of her hand while she was speaking the way he did is one of the rudest, most arrogant things I’ve ever seen an elected official do and he should apologize to her, immediately. He should be ashamed of himself, treating a constituent and a woman that way.”

Halfacre said that Chodosh was well known in Monmouth County for her attendance at meetings on every level of government. “Whether it’s a Manalapan Township Committee meeting, Freeholders meeting, or even a legislative committee meeting in Trenton, you’ll find Rhoda there and she’s always well informed and ready to ask the tough questions, regardless of party affiliation. We should have more citizens like her. And here you have her own Congressman treating her the way he did. Just disgraceful.”

I guess Democrats don't want an informed, involved democratic citizenry - they want subjects to rule over instead.

Sorry, Rush - maybe in your next life you'll be re-incarnated as a third-world despot. In the meanwhile, enjoy your sunset days in Congress.....

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