Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Barack Obama: American Icarus

He set off one day shy of a year ago today, with the goodwill and best wishes of a large majority of Americans serving as the wind beneath his wings. Alas, despite cautions not to fly too far to the left, he was unable to resist, leaving him with melting wings - useless to him as he plummets headfirst to earth.

Scott Brown is not necessarily the sun in this tale, but more like the guy who pulled out the linchpin, and made the whole damn assembly collapse. And as The One returns to earth, much faster than he anticipated, he cannot cast about for blame, as the fault today lies with himself:

Say you’re a Democrat (I know, but just say). There’s going to be an election that will be a national referendum — a referendum on the Obama agenda. The presence on the ground of the president himself, and the former president, Clinton, and other big guns will assure that the election is national. Which of the 50 states would you like to see that election in? Massachusetts, right? Even better, this will be the race to replace a Kennedy brother, beloved and legendary.

The scenario couldn’t be any better for the Democrats.And yet they may lose. That, friends, is shocking.

I mean, the race is not in Arizona, which is a Republican state, by and large. It’s not in Missouri or Ohio, both of which are swing swates. It’s not in New Jersey — where a Republican was just elected governor — which is a pretty staunchly blue state. It’s in Massachusetts, a blue-blue-blue state. The only state that McGovern won. The state of Dukakis, John Kerry, Barney Frank, the Kennedys .

And by the time the polls close today, the state of Scott Brown, Republican representative of the state of Massachusetts, sent to make sure the bird named Obama stays grounded...

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