Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coakley Sinking Deeper Into the Quicksand..., sometimes when it goes bad for a political candidate, it goes really bad, and the meltdown becomes hard to watch...

Nah. Not really. Watching Martha Coakley implode under the pressure of an actual campaign is fabulous. Here's video of one of her handlers pushing down The Weekly Standard's John McCormack after a question she didn't like:

And listen here to the union guys with the Martha jackets on talk about how they're getting paid to show support, and who they're really going to vote for once the curtain closes in the voting booth:

MIchael Graham at The Corner:

The video of the Coakley staffer—most likely DNC hack and former Kerry campaigher Michael Meehan— shoving the Weekly Standard's John McCormack to the ground, and then repeatedly shoving him again and again in view of AG Coakley, is a watershed moment. It could turn out to be a campaign killer.

First, it highlights the fact that Coakley had left Massachusetts to attend a lobbyist fundraiser in D.C.. Taking big bucks from Big Pharma in the middle of this fight? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Then there's the guy who got shoved. McCormack is the reporter who asked the question about Afghanistan that literally stopped Coakley in her tracks. After a few blinks of incomprehension, she answered by asking "Does anyone ELSE have a question?"

This issue is a disaster for Coakley because it reveals her utter lack of experience or (apparently) basic knowledge on foreign policy, just two weeks after a terrorist successfully got on a U.S. airplane.

Brown should roll the "shoving video" in his spots, with the tagline: "Tired of being pushed around?"

Best blog headline of the day, from RS McCain: Is Martha Coakley Even Sleazier ThanTila Tequila?
Well, if you even have to ask....

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