Friday, January 08, 2010

Gay Marriage Defeated in New Jersey; State to be Sued (again!)

Or maybe my lead should have been "Conservatism Rising in Blue Jersey"? First the election of Republican Chris Christie, now this:

TRENTON, N.J.The state Senate on Thursday voted down a bill to legalize gay marriage, ending a major legislative battle but setting off anew a court fight.
Minutes after the bill was defeated 20-14, gay rights advocates announced they would file a lawsuit seeking to get the state's top court to order New Jersey to recognize same-sex matrimony.

This whole attempt was a lame-duck scam - Christie is opposed, Corzine is in favor, and the only was to get it signed into law was to slam it through a lame-duck government no longer representing the people of New Jersey. Gee, you think the state legislature is starting to notice that the people are finally paying attention?

Incidentally, see how elections matter?

Roberts said that "without question" the vote would have been different had Corzine won re-election. [see here, and below, for more on this subject]

And do you think the "racist" charge has lost its clout?

"Suddenly, today, there's implications that you're discriminating against folks when you want to maintain that definition," said Sen. Michael Doherty, a Republican from Washington Township in Warren County.

Although, when listening to the radio this morning, all I heard were announcers screaming "New Jersey defeats Marriage Equality", as if segregation was the topic at hand. Of course, Jersey is dominated by New York media, and it seems as if the big city is just a little more blue these days than their next-door neighbor...

How toxic is this topic in New Jersey?

Five senators did not cast votes.

Among the abstainers was Stephen Sweeney, a Democrat from Gloucester County's Washington Township who is expected to become Senate president when the Legislature reorganizes Tuesday. Sweeney did not return calls for comment.

Sweeny didn't want to go into his post weakened by a vote that would anger the citizens, and couldn't drum up the courage to actually vote against it, so he ducked it entirely. Cowardly (see Coakely, Martha) but in this case, effective.

So the gay community will sue, where they'll certainly stand a puncher's decent chance of winning in one of the most liberal and corrupt court systems in the nation. Sure, it will cost the state a bundle, but hey - it's only taxpayer money! And id Barack Obama can turn around and sue New Jersey for admittedly non-existent discrimination, why can't the gays do the same?

The hard left, piling on in New Jersey, because its citizens, having lived in a socialist state for over a decade, have said "enough!"....I guess their is no anger like the rage against the apostate.

Chin up, my fellow Jerseyans. They're gunning for us....

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Anonymous said...

Sweeney is from West Deptford in Gloucester County, not from Washington Twp. I agree he is a coward by not voting.