Sunday, January 03, 2010

Janet Napolitano: The Passengers ARE "The System"!

The embattled Homeland security chief talks to the New York Times gossip columnist, Maureen Dowd, and puts her big clopping hooves right back into her gaping maw:

“I think we do a disservice if we tell people there are 100 percent guarantees. I think we tell them we’re doing everything we can to reduce risk. I think we tell people that they are also part of the system. I mean, the passengers on this plane were a line of defense, the flight crew were a line of defense. So everybody has a shared responsibility here. You can’t just say, well, this government department or that government department’s got the whole shebang.”

Really? The whole point of the Democratic agenda is for government to take responsibility for the entire shebang - be it health care, student loans, self defense (via gun control), or our energy usage. How in the world can Napolitano shuck the most awesome responsibility of any government - the defense of its population - back onto the people itself?

And if that's what she honestly believes....what the hell do we need Janet Napolitano or the Department of Homeland security for in the first place? $52 billion dollars a year, 200,000 employees...for what, exactly? For Jan Nap to tell us "You're on your own"?

What can I say? No wonder the only industry that has seen any upside in the Obama economy is the gun and munitions folks...

Dowd has Jan Nap's back, speaking lovingly of "her brown eyes twinkling". I suppose that is supposed to endear us to her, much like
David Broder's assertion that "Napolitano handled the [Northwest Airlines] incident and its aftermath with aplomb".

As with Obama, liberals see what fantasies they want to see in their heroes, despite what the cold winter air of reality blows at them. Let Dowd and Broder trust their lives to Baracky and Janet; the rest of us will hoard gold, buy weapons, and run for cover....

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