Thursday, January 14, 2010

Barack Obama to New York: Drop Dead!

Michael Goodwin, writing in the New York Post, vents:

OK, let me be clear: The president of the United States hates us.
He socks New Yorkers with massive new taxes to fund his health-care monstrosity.
He punishes Wall Street for making too much money.
He threatens political jihad against anybody who dares challenge the too-precious Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.
He tells our governor to take a long walk on a short bridge....

His lack of gratitude alone should be enough to turn a blue state red. That he actually seems hostile to our interests should add fury to our resistance.
The only hitch is that New Yorkers aren't as smart and tough as everybody thinks. Our savvy pugnacity is an urban legend.
When it comes to politics, if you hit us, we beg and plead: Do it again.

Goodwin's right, you know. The big political buzz in New York is that Harold Ford Jr. may pull a Hillary and move to New York in order to mount a primary challenge to hapless Democratic seat-warmer Kirsten Gillibrand. The media wets themselves with glee over the possibility that we can get our own "light skinned, well-spoken" minority candidate to Washington, and is urging a run.

And this is what they'll get:

On many days, he is driven to an NBC television studio in a chauffeured car. He and his wife, Emily, a 29-year-old fashion executive, live a few blocks from the Lexington Avenue subway line in the Flatiron district. But Mr. Ford said he takes the subway only occasionally in the winter, to avoid the cold when he cannot hail a cab. … Asked whether he had visited all five boroughs, he mentioned taking a helicopter ride across the city … Asked about his baseball loyalties, he responded: “I am a Yankees fan,” and added that he had yet to visit Citi Field, the home of the Mets. … He has breakfast most mornings at the Regency Hotel on Park Avenue, and he receives regular pedicures.

A man who can really relate to the average New Yorker, sweating and schlepping through day after brutal day in the big city. But if he runs, the media will Obama-ize him and ostracize his critics as racist. And he'll win. And he'll promptly turn his back on the state and use its people and their future as a bargaining chip for his own continued rise to power, a la Chuckie Schumer.

And we'll beg and plead: Do it again...

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