Monday, January 18, 2010

Scott Brown more "Presidential" than Barack Obama?

Well, if you listened to them speak yesterday, it kind of comes off as a no-brainer.

What did Obama have to offer? Liberal elitism, as he slammed Scott Brown
and his truck several times in his Bush-bashing campaign speech for Martha Coakley. 'Cause a pickup truck is a sure-fire symbol of redneck ignorance, right? Just ask anyone in Massachusetts...

And the president lied, as is par for the course as well. ABC's
Jake Tapper calls him out:

The president said of Brown: "I don't know him, he may be a perfectly nice guy. I don't know his record, but I don't know whether he's been fighting for you up until now."

But he also revealed some fairly intimate knowledge of Brown and the race....Clearly President Obama -- as he should -- is well aware of Brown's record.

So why did he lie about it? To portray Brown as just another no-name truck-driving nobody from the sticks? Is that worth devaluing the reputation of the president of the United States?

Turns out he couldn't handle a
heckler either; John McCain showed more class in dealing with the Code Pinkos who invaded the Convention in September than Obama did yesterday...

And finally, according to the in-the-tank Boston Globe, the President had a "sold-out" crowd of 1500 hanging on his every hackneyed word, while Scott Brown pulled in
2000+ at a rally nearby.

And while Barack Obama’s speech yesterday was vintage 2008 Obama, Scott Brown offered something a bit more substantive:

Should I have the honor of representing our state in Washington, D.C., I will serve no faction but Massachusetts. I will pursue no agenda but what is right. I will be nobody's senator but yours.

Raising taxes, taking over our health care, and giving new rights to terrorists is the agenda of a new establishment in Washington. And they think you're on board with all of it. They think they own your vote. They're sure they can't lose. But on Election Day, the Bay State will set them straight.

We are witnesses, you and I, to something historic. We have run a race never to be forgotten. We are in a cause that deserves all that we can give it. In these final forty-eight hours, let us see it through to victory.

All along, I have counted on the goodwill and support of independent-minded people like you, and never more than right now. I ask for any help you can give, and above all for the honor of your vote.

One mocks and lies, the other coolly deliver facts with honesty, courtesy, and humility.

Looks like Brown has taken over the mantle of "cool" from our Vulcan Boy-King. And you'd better believe that if Brown wins, the anger you see smoldering under Obama's facade will erupt into a full-blown temper tantrum....

The final word:

It is fitting that in Massachusetts tomorrow, Obamanism will face a test that cannot be met by a Louisiana Purchase, or a Cornhusker Kickback, or a Collective Bargaining Kickback, or convening a vote at one in the morning or on a Saturday night. It will be a plebiscite that the president himself has nationalized — conducted on the last day of his first year, in the most liberal state in the nation, in the place where the original tea party occurred.

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