Sunday, December 20, 2009

Well, Coups Are "Historic", I Guess...

The AP screeches, like a blown propaganda megaphone perched on a telephone pole, circa fascist Europe of the '30's:

The White House and its Senate allies defended a final push for historic health care legislation Sunday as outflanked Republicans pledged a fight to the end. A dead-of-night vote neared in a frenzy one GOP lawmaker said lacked "legislative sanity."

...The next [vote] is set for 1 a.m. the Senate bill moved toward passage on Christmas Eve.

So a bill is in place that allows Congress to take control of 1/6th of the economy, with key votes to be taken at "transparent time periods" such as weekdays post-midnight, and Christmas Eve, the holiest night of the year for American Christians.

A bill, that in the most recent poll taken by CNN, showed 61% of Americans were opposed to.

What will it take, I wonder, for the AP to describe a current event these days as "controversial"? After all, almost everything George Bush did was tagged with that label; even when "his" wars had 70% approval, with votes taken in broad daylight, they were considered "controversial".

But an unprecedented midnight/Christmas Eve power grab of a huge segment of the private sector, as well as control over people's lives, is "historic".

Interesting. Well, I promise to use that very same phrase when the inevitable day comes that the AP, and its dead-tree brethren, are thankfully driven out of business...

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Jim - PRS said...

The conspirators who voted for this will own it, lock, stock and barrel. They sure as hell didn't "inherit" this legislative turd.