Monday, December 14, 2009

Barack Obama, Pigeon at the County Fair

Isn't that the word used by the Carny's for their "mark" - the easy patron who will fall for the scam hook, line, and sinker, and be parted from his money and sent on his way before he knows what hit him?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Barack Obama, the pigeon at Copenhagen, The One they have been Waiting For, the mark who will quickly have his (our) pockets emptied and sent on his befuddled way, while the enviorn-mental-ists laugh all the way to the bank:

COPENHAGEN -- In climate negotiations here, America is the Big Con.

If the rest of the world can just get us to fall for this swindle, they'll win everything.

America will pay billions more to smaller countries around the globe and agree to stifling restrictions that will hobble the very industries and personal freedoms that make the nation the envied success it is today.

Why did the Carnys of the Left hate George W. Bush so? Because the Texas cowboy was no sucker at the County Fair; he knew which games were rigged, and not only steered clear of them, he called them out. No con man likes to be exposed to the public; and only by eviscerating Bush's intelligence could leftists, and environmentalists, still maintain any kind of sense that their game was still clean.

But now it appears the only ones left who think they can really get the ring around the bottle are liberals; as they are running through all of their money (and ours) buying bucket after bucket of plastic circles, sure that the next toss will win them the big-screen TV dangling oh-so-close...

And the biggest liberal of all, Barack Obama, is coming to the fair with pocketfuls of other people's cash, while cooing, clucking, and flapping his wings. The Carneys of the Left rub their hands and smack their lips in anticipation, as the biggest mark in the world -a "hammer-sqash" - comes strutting cluelessly into the fair, about to be butchered at the flat...

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