Monday, December 21, 2009

Union Rules vs. Life, and Death...

....the rules win, and people die. Two here, if you count the baby:

... two EMTs were buying bagels in the Au Bon Pain at the Metrotech Center in Downtown Brooklyn on Dec. 9 when [pregnant mom Eutisha Revee]Rennix collapsed there -- and they allegedly ignored her.

It's disgusting," Cynthia Rennix said.

"We've heard nothing from the city. No one has called to apologize or explain. Her [3-year-old] son, Jahleel, senses what is going on . . . He keeps asking, 'Where's Mommy?' "

Witnesses have said the two EMTs -- trained medics working as dispatchers at FDNY headquarters at Metrotech -- were more interested in getting to their breakfast than helping the dying woman amid the panicked screams of her fellow workers.

Their cold advice: "Call 911," the witnesses said.

They then allegedly left the cafe before help arrived.

...She was rushed to LICH and declared dead at 10:17 a.m. Her baby girl was delivered and died 2 hours and 10 minutes later.

Point? One of the things the Democrats love about socializing medicine is the opportunity to force all medical facilities and operations that take government money (which will be all of them, under Obamacare) to only hire unionized employees. It'll raise costs and dilute service, but improving health care has never been what this bill has been about. It's about power and control; and with more unions within the medical professions, the Democrats will have more ability to exercise their will, and have the votes to support it.

Of course, many more of us will suffer and die needlessly like poor Miss Rennix and her baby girl, who enjoyed only two hours on earth before passing back to the great beyond. But hey - it's a small price to pay so that the Democrats can stay in power and the union EMTs don't have to subvert work rules, right?

Just ask Baby Rennix, at her grave site...

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