Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Seven Crises, Seven Golf Outings

Only a stupid conservative would be unable to grasp that Barack Obama's penchant for playing golf at a moment when leadership is usually called for is actually a genius strategy being employed by The One to calm the nation down, so that they don't get all "wee-we'ed" up about whatever little thing may be sticking in our craw....

E-Nough! provides us with the examples of Obama's leadership and cunning:

In the spring Mr. Obama picked up his clubs to avert a public health scare about swine flu.

Mr. Obama also teed off to calm us after NoKo successfully detonated a nuclear device. And having becalmed the electorate, Mr. Obama squeezed in a minute Memorial Day remembrance before resuming his swing.

And while the economy tanked this summer, there was Mr. Obama on the fairway, not for the love of the game, but to advance the "proper collective response" to his failed stimulus.

This fall Dick Cheney spooked us, accusing Team Barry of dithering on Afghanistan. Mr. Obama immediately reassured Americans, taking up his clubs to do his dithering in the tee-box. (And to further reassure us, he also headlined a series of party fundraisers.)

There. Don't you feel better now? You see, when Barack Obama gave us a perfunctory statement (read some three days after the fact) on the terror attack on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 , promising he will not rest until he "found those involved and held them accountable" then left immediately afterwards to shoot a quick 18, he was doing it for us, not for him.

Apparently, when he is relaxed, we should be relaxed. When he feels there is a sense of urgency - on health care reform, on climate change, on an economic stimulus - then boy, you'd better get all wee-we'ed up about it as well.

Silly me. And I thought he was just a lazy, thoughtless, cowardly incompetent who would not let even the worst crisis interfere with a potential par-4...

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