Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Jersey Democrat: "Jersey Shore" Is a Hate Crime!

Well, while they're busy with this nonsense at least they won't be raising my taxes:

Irked about MTV's glorification of the moronic behavior of a certain batch of brains-challenged beachgoers, the New Jersey Italian American Legislative Caucus led by state Sen. Joseph F. Vitale is demanding the cable net cancel the show....

"The intentional and encouraged use of ethnically derogatory terms to promote a television program with an Italian American cast is unconscionable," writes Vitale.

"Pejorative words including 'guido' and 'guidette' should have been discouraged by network management. In fact, their very use is a breach of Viacom's Global Business Practices Statement requiring a harassment-free workplace environment, standards every Viacom employee is expected to meet."

Ah, leave it to a New Jersey Democrat to declare that a MTV reality show is a hate crime. Or then again, isn't anybody these days who's opposed to a Democratic initiative, whether on a local or national level, a "teabagger", a "racist", or an "extremist"?

Asbury Park-Press mocks Vitale, and rightfully so:

Good luck with that, senator. High dudgeon may play well for some people, but this kind of attack only fuels voyeuristic rubberneckers to check out the latest MTV equivalent of a car wreck.

...This too shall pass. The shelf life for pop-culture bozos is exceedingly short. By the time you organize a boycott and rally the offended, these dopes will have used up their 15 minutes of marginal fame.

One of the only things worse than televising puerile, reality-show rubbish is using the full force of government to try and censor it.

Someone ought to clip that last part, and send it to Barack Obama....


Jim - PRS said...

Maybe Vitale ought to simply not watch the show. Works for me.

The JerseyNut said...

Yeah, the headline of the APP editorial was "Just change the channel"!

But when it comes to liberals, if they don't like something - whether it be TV shows, fatty foods, or guns - then nobody should be able to have it.

So for them, changing the channel doesn't cut it, for they know somewhere, someone would be doing something they don't approve of. And they can't accept that. We must cede to their greater judgement, for our own good...