Thursday, December 03, 2009

Lame-Duck Gay-Marriage Coming To New Jersey?

Seems as if nobody really wants gay marriage, except the more radical gay groups. Even if the liberal Northeast and West, gay marriage at the ballot box has a perfect record of failure; and the only place it has been instituted was by judicial fiat.

Well, it's New Jersey's turn to enter the fray, as the lame-duck legislature and governor debate whether or not to make a down-payment on future employment with gay rights activist groups:

The New Jersey gay marriage proposal will be considered Monday by a Senate committee and could be posted for a full senate vote later in the week, state Sen. Ray Lesniak said today.

"On Thursday (Dec. 10) the full Senate is going to vote on marriage equality," said Lesniak, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. "And God be willing, we'll have 21 votes."

Democratic officials previously said they would not put the legislation to a vote unless they had the support needed to pass it.

Both houses of the Legislature must pass the bill it before it goes to the governor. Outgoing Gov. Jon Corzine has said he would sign it. Incoming Gov. Chris Christie says he would veto it.

What about the people of New Jersey? Oh, them:

New Jersey voters now oppose gay marriage legislation by a slim margin, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

The poll, conducted between Nov. 17 and Nov. 22, found 49 percent of adult residents are opposed to giving gay couples the right to marry while 46 percent are in favor of it. Six percent were undecided...

And this in Blue Jersey, no less.

Liberal agitator Tom Moran of the far-Left Star Ledger urges the Democrats on with their dirty work, and besmirsches gay-marriage foes with ugly terms best applied to those who might oppose the policies of Barack Obama:

The political stars, for a few brief months, sit in alignment for a move to legalize gay marriage in New Jersey.
And we could do it the right way — not with a court order, not with a gun to our head, but through a political process that expresses our common beliefs. We could do it later this month.

Gay marriage is tough for those with religious objections, for those who are scared of something new, and for those hard souls who cling to an ugly bigotry that is thankfully fading away, year by year.

But it’s time for legislators to check their guts. Because if you look at the political map, you can see this opportunity is fleeting.

Chris Christie, who takes over as governor in about two months, promised during the campaign to veto any gay marriage bill that lands on his desk. So the question is whether the Democratic Legislature can get a marriage equality bill on Gov. Jon Corzine’s desk before the transition.

So let me see if I can analyze the left's view on this: "We" have an opportunity to redefine marriage "the right way" - by utilizing a lame-duck Legislature that is no longer answerable to the people to rush a bill to the desk of a universally-despised, soon-to-be former governor. A governor who was just harshly voted out of office, mind you, and who happened to display loud and unwavering support for gay marriage.

And if you don't think rushing a bill that changes the entire social structure of the state through a lame-duck government is the right way to do things, well...obviously, you clutch to an ugly bigotry.

FYI, the lame-duck passage has been tossed around for months, and justified by the Democrats as a sleight-of-hand they need to pull on black voters who just don't get it..from back in September:

A group of conservative Republican legislators held a press conference at the Statehouse to make public an allegation that the Democrats are planning a move to legalize same-sex marriage in the lame-duck session after the election...

Corzine is counting on a heavy African-American vote, and as that referendum on same-sex marriage in California last year showed, black voters tend to be socially conservative on the matter. A key reason for the California measure’s failure was the large black turnout for Barack Obama.

So New Jersey blacks are pwned by the Democrats, who use them for their votes, then immediately ignore their strongest feelings about the social contract. Now that's representation!

This will be interesting....

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