Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Green Light for Genocide"

From today's New York Post, a review of Giles MacDonogh's 1938: Hitler's Gamble - which relates the numerous opportunities the Germans, and the world, had to stop the madness before it began - includes the following bit of historical trivia which bears some consideration:

Another missed opportunity occurred in July 1938, when 32 nations met at Evian, France, to discuss the Germans’ inhumane treatment of its Jewish citizens. Yet not one resolution condemning Germany for creating thousands of Jewish refugees emerged — a fact the Nazi Party pounced on for its own propaganda. Historians later called that meeting “Hitler’s green light for genocide.”

One wonders if we are not doing the same today. The British call Israel a "
pariah state" and plans to brand certain Israeli products (with a yellow star?). Barack Obama de-legitimizes Israeli leadership by refusing to meet with them. The UN approves the Goldstone Report, charging Israel with war crimes for having the temerity to fight back after thousands of rockets are fired into their backyard. Jew-haters such as Stephen Walt are given free reign in major newspapers (better than Sarah Palin, no?) Even the radical liberal Jews who make up the heinous J-Street - more interested in currying favor with the current administration than saving their own sorry skins - opposes sanctions against Iran.

And what of Iran? While the nation
boils with unrest, and a possible military coup is in the making, Barack Obama - he of the Nobel Peace Prize - and the remainder of the West, remain silent.

Just as the West remained silent in 1938.

And Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - he of the "There was no such thing as the Holocaust, but boy-oh-boy give us another sixteen months and we'll show you a Holocaust!" is a man who certainly knows a green light when he sees one...

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