Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Violation of Geneva !

I mean, really now! With President Hope & Change running the ship, we're obeying the letter of the Geneva Conventions to the "T"! We're outlawed "torture" and are contemplating prosecuting our own soldiers who are accused of it, we are emptying Guantanamo detainees into an Illinois prison, we are giving the loathsome KSM a civilian trial in the city he tried to destroy, and we are even retuning some terrorist prisoners straight to Yemen, where they can pick up guns and start killing Americans with no further delay!

And the result of all this terrorist ass-kissing was supposed to be a softening up of their position, a willingness to abide by Geneva, and eventually peace on earth, all shepherded in by The One! So what is

The Taliban released a video Friday showing a U.S. soldier who was captured more than five months ago in eastern Afghanistan.

"This is a horrible act which exploits a young soldier, who was clearly compelled to read a prepared statement," said a statement from U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Gregory Smith, spokesman for the NATO-led international force in Afghanistan that confirmed the man in the video is Bergdahl. "To release this video on Christmas Day is an affront to the deeply concerned family and friends of Bowe Bergdahl, demonstrating contempt for religious traditions and the teachings of Islam."

Here it comes....

The Geneva Conventions, which regulate the conduct of war between regular armies, bar the use of detainees for propaganda purposes and prohibit signatories from putting captured military personnel on display. As an insurgent organization, the Taliban are not party to the treaty.

And yet we insist on abiding by it while our enemies use this weakness against us, and continue to
press the attack inside our borders:

A Northwest Airlines passenger from Nigeria who said he was acting on al-Qaeda's instructions set off an explosive device Friday in a failed terrorist attack on the plane as it was preparing to land in Detroit, federal officials said.

Over at
Skating on Stilts, a legitimate question is asked:

One passenger is said to have helped thwart the attack by climbing over several less active passengers to grapple with the terrorist, apparently suffering burns to his hands in the process. How long will it take Secretary Napolitano (at least) or President Obama (my preference) to visit this guy in the hospital if these facts turn out to be true?

My question: How long will it take for Obama to apologize to the Nigerian terrorist, and for Holder to prosecute the passenger? And will Obama reconsider his foreign policy tenets based on their myriad failures (Iran, the "peace process", Europe, Copenhagen, etc...)?

Unlikely, as we are dealing not with the pragmatic realist were were promised, but a committed anti-American ideologue instead. Expect more conciliatory moves and self-abasement, accompanied by a growing threat to our national security that will be waved off by the Obami as insignificant or the fault of George W. Bush.

Remember, we really have only one thing to fear: Failure to obey the Geneva Conventions....

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