Friday, December 11, 2009

The Nazis Finally Defeat Great Britain

...and as Barack Obama knows, the only way to defeat a once-great democracy is to destroy it from the inside...

The yellow star that the Jews were forced to wear under Nazi occupation is
coming to Great Britain:

The British government has issued an official recommendation urging business owners to mark Israeli products produced in West Bank settlements so that consumers who want to boycott such items will find it easy to identify them.

The recommendation is not binding, but this step marks an escalation in the country's attitude toward Israel's settlements.

According to the new guidelines, the British government recommends indicating whether the product was made by Palestinians or Israeli settlers on the label of every product originating from the West Bank.

The government recommendation goes further to say that labeling a product from a settlement as having been manufactured in Israel would be considered a criminal offense as it is misleading to the consumer public.

The British press, with glee,
credits Obama and warns Israel:

Most importantly for Israel political leadership is the realisation that Brown’s government is acting as the messenger boy for the Obama administration, which has replaced the unconditional indulgence of the Bush years with a discomforting tough-love approach.

Brown, Obama and the EU are now actively working that groove to apply pressure to Israel’s political mainstream to cut loose the settlers, rethink the Jerusalem situation, ease the Gaza blockade, and eventually revisit the two-state solution – or face the future as a pariah state.

"A pariah state". No, we're not talking about Iran, which promises a second Holocaust, or Pakistan, the new home of terror, or the murderers of Sudan. We are talking about a tiny democratic state surrounded by multiple dictatorships , both secular and hardline Islamic.

The Nazis have returned; some wearing a headdress, others smiling blandly and wearing the starched blue-and grey suits of the government official. But their spirit is back, and still lusts for the blood of the Jews. And apparently, there are plenty that are willing to honor that spirit by spilling it on the streets.

Remember, too, that Barack Obama looks upon this, and sees no wrong...

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Unknown said...

I cannot even believe this! What in the world is WRONG with these people!?

The JerseyNut said...

It's funny that you said that, because at every other wesbite where this story was posted (and unfortunately, there wasn't very many), either the author or the commenters made the same remark that you did.

Iain Murray, over at The Corner, reports the story and says simply, "Words fail me".


Adobe Walls said...

Yet more evidence that Western Europe is inexorably becoming part of the Caliphate.