Wednesday, December 09, 2009

And They Used To Call This State "Blue Jersey"!

....I guess it's one thing to espouse liberal values, and another thing to live under them, as New Jersey has for the better part of a decade....

Jon Corzine might have lost his head in the "November Massacre", but it seems as if the voters in this once deep-blue state aren't done yet:

WILDWOOD, NJ (AP) - Wildwood voters decided Tuesday to oust Mayor Ernie Troiano Jr. and Commissioner Bill Davenport.

The election results are unofficial until certified by the city clerk. Residents voted 624-487 to recall Troiano and 649-470 to oust Davenport.

The voters chose Al Brannen and Edward Harshaw from among six candidates, including Troiano and Davenport, to fill the spots. Brannen had 577 votes, and Harshaw 600.

The recall movement began in 2008, largely in reaction to property taxes and municipal spending that some residents considered prohibitively high.

More crazed "tea partiers"? Or residents of a small town in Jersey who decided they had enough, and spent almost two years working methodically and through the system to affect real change via a recall election of politicians who thought they were untouchable?

Democrats nationally would be soiling their diapers if they were smart enough to see what was going on around them. Do they think they will be any more popular next year, after the passing of nationalized health care and cap& trade legislation push the nation to the verge of bankruptcy?

Maybe Jon Corzine - he of the 600,000+ voter registration advantage - ought to go on a little walking tour, to inform his fellow Democrats there is no such thing as a "safe seat" anymore....

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