Wednesday, December 23, 2009

EU to force UK to allow jailed felons to vote

As Barack Obama is slowly easing the United States Constitution to a subservient place underneath international organizations hostile to us, it is useful to see what is happening to other Western nations who hand over their sovereignty to various multinational committees, tribunals, intergovernmental bodies, etc.

Let's start with the UK, where the decay of Western values and civilization is proceeding at a more rapid pace then believed possible (the Nazis should have been this lucky). With elections coming up, the EU has stepped in and imposed its own guidelines upon the Brits...via Gates of Vienna:

EU 'threat' to election

The EU could rule next year's General Election ILLEGAL if prisoners are denied the right to vote.

Britain has dithered since the European Court of Human Rights said in 2005 that its 63,000 jailbirds must get postal votes.

Now the European Council of Ministers wants Britain to comply. "The whole election could be declared illegal,"warned ex-chief prisons inspector Lord Ramsbotham.

Legal challenges from prisoners could also see the poll declared void.

Betcha Baracky and the Dems would love to see this type of oversight/ruling take place in the People's Republic of America. They'd be no chance of voter fraud within the prison population, right? And if you need a few thousand extra votes to win a seat/state, why, just toss a bagful of pardons into the air and you're all set!

First the ICC, next the many masters will we be serving once 2012 rolls around?

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