Wednesday, December 02, 2009

British Press Doing The "Climate Change Freakout"

What happens when you "lose your religion"? Without your anchor, missing your Pole Star, you become uncertain, unbalanced, and....unhinged.

Witness the Guardian UK (a pitiful left-wing anti-Semitic rag, but popular in Britain nonetheless) flip out on the Australian government for being the first to get out from under the climate change scam. Note the genuine horror here:

Australia may soon hold the first election in which not just the proper response to climate change but even its existence are leading issues.

Why? Because:

The Liberal [in our version of English, this translates to "conservative"] party has thrown out one leader for backing a government bill limiting greenhouse emissions and voted in another who has described climate change as "absolute crap".

Someone call Lindsay Graham. Again, note the horror as the Guardian contemplates man rising up from under the Orwellian boot of Big Government:

Malcolm Turnbull, the former leader and a confrontational millionaire Sydney lawyer, was unpopular inside his party for many reasons other than his support for action on climate change, but by rejecting him Australia's Liberals have sided with the sceptics. It may be a forerunner of similar confrontations to come elsewhere.

Oh no! The people awake! That's only good when they are rallying against conservatives! And it can happen here!

The new Liberal leader is Tony Abbott, a raucous, London-born rightwinger dubbed the Mad Monk. He describes emissions trading as a "$120bn tax on the Australian public" and couches his scepticism in insidious terms that would attract support in Britain too.

Now the Guardian bares its fascist teeth:

Sentiments like this, from a country which can afford the costs of adaptation, are dangerous...

So - despite "ClimateGate" - skepticism of global warming is nevertheless "insidious", the language used by these deplorable deniers can result in widespread "support", and apparently, this "dangerous" line of thought must be squashed lest "similar confrontations" erupt elsewhere (yes, even in Britain!).

Well, Robert Gibbs is doing the Guardian's dirty work in the United States, but...folks are laughing at him, not with him....

The Guardian does not suggest what should be done about the "danger" of free inquiry, free speech, and healthy skepticism. But as the standard-bearer of the European brand of liberal fascism, one can only guess what their editorial staff believe should be done with those of little faith...

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Andrea said...

We can only thank God that this pseudoscience didn't massacre millions like Eugenics did.