Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Senator Gilli-brand: A Fish In A Barrel

Even the blind can see...that New York is going to get screwed royally by Obama's health care reform, as both governor David Paterson and New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg are howling that it will effectively bankrupt the state:

Gov. Paterson Monday declared that New York is being "punished" by the national health care bill expected to be voted on by Christmas.
New York stands to lose between $1.1 billion to $1.25 billion a year if the bill is adopted unchanged, Paterson told Buffalo's WBEN-AM radio.

So where is Paterson's hand-picked successor to Hillary Clinton, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand? Hiding from the media, and the people she is supposed to represent. The New York Post rips her a well-deserved new one:

But when The Post's Charles Hurt asked Gillibrand to reconcile her enthusiasm for the plan with their deep concerns, she ducked.

First, she promised to explain personally, in an interview.

Then, hours later, a press aide spoke for her: "The Senate health-care bill is good for New York [because it would] provide health insurance to 2.7 million residents who do not currently have it."

...from Day One, she's been taking all her cues from New York's senior senator, Chuck Schumer -- and he's in the tank for ObamaCare, too.

New York is on its own.

And when her Republican opponent shows up for the 2010 election, all he/she will have to do is remind the voters - over and over - how she forced state taxes to rise and services to diminish, all in the name of ruining their health care.

Yeah, I know this is Blue York. But see Corzine, Jon and Blue Jersey....

Poor Gilli...she's going to run out of places to hide, sooner rather than later, and when that election comes'll be like shooting fish in a barrel....

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Jim - PRS said...

New York, like the other states, will also be picking up the increases in the Medicaid tab for Nebraska. Swell bill.