Tuesday, February 10, 2009

TIME Magazine's anti-Israel Jihad Continues !

Fresh off of such "how soon can we bury the Jewish state" peices such as "Can Israel Survive Its Assault on Gaza?"(so what do you think now, fellas?), we get this beauty:

Israel election result offers little hope for Mideast peace

Today's Israeli leaders have a fuzzy vision and lack the means to implement much of anything. Kadima founder Ariel Sharon and his successors as party leader Ehud Olmert and Tzipi Livni have all realized that political realities and Palestinian demographics mean Israel can no longer occupy the West Bank and Gaza forever. Yet none of them has put forth a sensible plan for peace with the Palestinians or shown the will to reach a final comprehensive settlement.

Although Olmert and Livni resumed Israel's peace negotiations with the Palestinians, their three-year terms in office as Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, respectively, will be remembered for two senseless wars - the massive assaults on Lebanon and Gaza - that seem to have only strengthened the militant Islamist factions that were targeted in the attacks. Israel's international standing, meanwhile, has been significantly eroded by those wars as well as the nation's halting commitment to peace

Where the hell do you begin with this uneducated, uninformed, piece of garbage masquarading as analysis?

-"Israeli leaders lack vision?" What about the leaders of Hamas - are they to be commended due to their strong loyalty to their vision - the destruction of the Israeli state?

-Hey, geniuses - Israel no longer occupies Gaza. Hasn't for years. There isn't even a single Jew in the joint. Basic current events - can't TIME even get that straight?

-How about the Palestinians putting together a "sensible plan for peace", one that does not involve the slaughter of innocent Jews? I know, I know - those pesky Jews, why won't they just lay down and die already?

-"Senseless wars that have strenghtened Islamic militants"? Hardly...Hezbollah was so cowed by the "failed" Israel-Lebanon war of 2006 that they refused to launch missle one in support of their so-called Palestinian bretheren. And will Hamas actually wind up stronger, after allowing Gaza to be decimated? Unlikely. They're insane, and even the Palestinians are starting to get it. Maybe the writers for TIME are fooled by Hamas' "victory rallies" amongst the rubble, but even the natives have more common sense than a Western journalist.

Notice - barely a jot of responsibility is accorded to the Palestinians in this whole tirade, without it being twisted around and being laid upon the shoulders of Israel. You think - maybe that's part of the problem?

You think - maybe it's journalistic sh*t like this that is putting TIME magazine out of business?


Anonymous said...

Does it ever amaze you that although the Palestinians elected Hamas, it gets written off as a "vote of a desperate people" but when the Israelis vote for a right leaning (I say leaning, because Likud is only slightly right from center) the world calls them "haters of peace".

The hypocrisy of those people just make me sick.

Anonymous said...

Israel is now the NEW terrorists of the world. No one can EVER say anything negative against them while they shoot fish in a barrel in Gaza. They will soon have EVERYONE in the world hating them--again.