Monday, February 23, 2009

The GOP, Facebook, and the Grassroots

With much congratulatory back-slapping we see that that the GOP is now has an idea-soliciting site called RNC Grassroots, as well as a Facebook group called GOP TechSummit - Grassroots, that asks for grassroot idea submissions that can be reviewed by the general party organization.

Great. While you guys collect submissions for "a Republican user-generated report that we'll present to Chairman Steele and his team for their review and implementation as they see fit", the grassroots are already out on the streets in cities across the nation, protesting scattershot against the stampede of socialism The One has unleashed upon us.

Maybe, if you are looking for some ready-made Republican recruits and willing activists, you should get away from your reports and maybe give these folks some support? Instapundit has a list of what these protests need to "push them over the edge" and into the forefront of popular consciousness, and most of them - talking points, theme, message stability, media preperation - should be able to be fulfilled cheaply and easily by the local and/or national party.

Look guys - no offense, I know you mean well and are trying to catch up with the Dems, tech-wise. But there's a moment going on right now, and with a bit more party participation it can become the GOP's moment. Obama's agenda needs a brusing body blow to halt its party-driven momentum, and at this point it's obvious people need very little coaxing to get out onto the street. Blow it now, you lose potential recruits, put the brakes on your momentum, and miss a moment that can be an early game changer.

Can the party walk the walk? The time to prove it is now...

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Anonymous said...

Seems like the GOP will be caught flat-footed again, trying to "fight the last war".