Friday, February 20, 2009

Barack Obama, and Economic Cluelessness

How's the market responding to the stimulus plan put together by Barack Obama and his cohorts in the Democratic intellectual junta? Not so good, since the bill was finalized:

The problem with Barack Obama - long obvious to anyone except the mainstream media - is that despite his soaring oratory about the economy, he actually had no experience in wealth creation. His whole life has been an exercise in distributing other people's wealth; he has no idea at all what it takes to create the monies that he so freely gives away.

Look at his work history:

Other-funded organizing - Developing Communities Project and Alinsky's Gamaliel Foundation

Teacher at Harvard, Chicago University - organizations that survive on endowments

Author - recieving huge upfront checks, allowed him to write in the serenity of Bali

Served on Woods Fund of Chicago, the Joyce Foundation, and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge -three organizations whose purpose, again, was to distribute other people's money.

Government work - state senator, senator, President - all taxpayer funded jobs in which his primary responsibilty was the distribution of taxpayer dollars to those who could not earn it themselves.

So is it any suprise that within less than 30 days, he has steered the private sector into a freakin' brick wall? Is it any suprise that he would be in favor of a bill that has handouts to every interest group and whiny victim group imaginable, yet only provide the average taxpayer with $13/week of relief for approximately six months? Is it any suprise that he would introduce - on top of the trillion-dollar Pork Bomb - another quarter-trillion dollar plan to rescue homeowners that acted recklesly and irresponsibly, one that will be paid for on the back sof mortgage holders who saved and sacrificed so that they would not go into default?

No suprise to anyone who paid attention.

Just wait until this guy start in with the carbon-reduction scams, the gas taxes, and all the climate-change hooey. The American economy will be dead and buried by Christmas...

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