Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reverend Wright, Still Guiding Obama

We spoke the other day about how Obama is preparing to allow the United States to participate in the UN's Durban II "anti-racism" conference, an Orwellian named event whose real goal is to put the UN seal of approval on anti-Semitism and forward the aim of the eventual destruction of the Jewish state.

If you recall, the United States, led by Colin Powell, pulled out of the last conference (back in early 2001), disgusted by the anti-semitic hatefest it had become. This year, Canada has already declared its intention not to participate, and other European nations - such as Britain, France, and Italy - have indicated they'll stay away unless the conference's crude agenda changes significantly.

So why is that unilateralist cowboy, Barack Hussein Obama, bucking our allies and preparing to sit down at the table with some of the most hateful regimes in the world? Maybe because his mentor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, is in favor of it.

From Benny Avini's article in today's New York Post:

Powell's [walkout] was applauded by most Americans, with a few exceptions, like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who said in a sermon a year later that Washington had left Durban because "somebody dared to point out the racism" prevalent "both here and in Israel."

Interesting to see whose voice guides Obama's actions - not the American people of good will, not the Jews who overwhelmingly supported him in November, but the voice of his angry, hateful, racist minister.

That's the voice that's directing Obama to Durbin. That's the voice that will not allow him to lift a hand against Iran as they develop nuclear weapons. That's the voice that will laugh heartily from the pulpit, and screech with glee that "the chickens have come home to roost!" when the Jewish nation (and its peoples) are wiped out a by state-sanctioned, UN approved genocide.

But hey - you get what you vote for.

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