Friday, February 06, 2009

Barack Obama: "A Man Cornered"

Roger Simon, with an analysis of Barak Obama and his performance to date, some 2 1/2 weeks in:

Barack Obama picked as his spiritual mentor the most execrable of men, a racist even, Reverend Jeremiah Wright. It should have been apparent from that alone that Obama was no judge of character – or, even worse, he simply didn’t care. He was more concerned with his own advancement.

But the country ign ored that as the media papered it over. We are paying for it now – and oh how we are paying! Our president is behaving like a man cornered and not a statesman. Being the president of all Americans has disappeared within two weeks. The idea of reaching out to the other side evidently meant no more than a dinner with George Will and Peggy Noonan.

Our government is dealing with a monumental global economic crisis in a manner that is partisan and idiotic. The Congressional leaders are dimwits and our President seems out of his depth while the future of children is being mortgaged to an incomprehensible extent.

I don't think the media is capable of papering over this for much longer; one can almost feel the tide turning as the American people realize thatthey have been had by a slick-talking con-man and his sidekicks in the mainstream media. Like a tourist suckered into a Three Card Monte game, Obama has just snatched our dough and is already casting his eyes about for the next sacrificial lamb to be burnt on the alter of his ambition.

Can we survive four years of this childishness? Or will he get run out of Washington on a rail, with the partisans chasing him with vats of tar and feathers, as in days of yore?

This is gonna get worse - way, way worse...

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