Friday, February 13, 2009

The Return of Big Welfare !

Well, we tired to tell you there was nothing new about this Obama guy, just another big-city liberal with a capital "L", but no - you had to go elect him president. Before he starts destroying the future - Terminator style! - he's going to undo some of the good things done in the past - done with true bipartisan suport, to boot:

...slipped into the stimulus bill is a provision establishing a new $3 billion emergency fund to help states pay for added welfare recipients, with the federal government footing 80 percent of the cost for the new "clients."

Plus, the bill would reward states for increasing caseloads, even if the growth came because the state had loosened its requirements for recipients to work.

This is radical change. States that succeed in getting people off welfare would lose the opportunity for increased federal funding. And states that make it easier to stay on welfare (by, say, raising the time limit from two years to five) would get rewarded with more taxpayer cash. The bill would even let states with rising welfare rolls still collect their "case-load reduction" bonuses.

The return of the Welfare Queen, proudly introduced as she enters stage left on Barack Obama's arm! This is Change We Can Believe In!

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