Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Obama Tax Cut: $13 Dollars Per Week !

...and that's max. I sh*t you not:

Q: What are some of the tax breaks in the bill?

A: It includes Obama's signature "Making Work Pay" tax credit for 95 percent of workers, though negotiators agreed to trim the credit to $400 a year instead of $500 — or $800 for married couples, cut from Obama's original proposal of $1,000. It would begin showing up in most workers' paychecks in June as an extra $13 a week in take-home pay, falling to about $8 a week next January.

That's not even going to nearly close enough to cover all the additional taxes and fees that are about to be piled on our everyday lives. Give us $13, take $130. Is it the government, or a tightly-wound Atlantic City slot machine?

At least the slot doesn't force you to insert cash, under penalty of law...

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