Monday, February 09, 2009

All We Have To Fear Is....

...Barack Obama and the Democrats.

Come to think of it, that is a good enough reason to be nervous, as their combination of threats, greed, waste, sloth, and immaturity threatens to destroy a once-great nation:

No one doubts the economy is bad and getting worse. But when the president of the United States stands up and asks us to give in to our fears, to blindly obey his call to pass a bill with tens of billions of dollars in spending that even the bill’s proponents say is wasteful, one has to ask what happened to the party who once told us: “All we have to fear is fear itself.”

Obama does not want Americans to believe in themselves. He wants them to believe in him...

Instead of instilling confidence, Obama is selling fear. Instead of raising us up, he is crushing us with his rank appeal to partisanship. Instead of statesmanship, we get gimmicks like his stimulus bill that the Congressional Budget Office tells us will harm the economy in the long run.

Barack goes back on the campaign trail today, hoping for photo-ops and supportive coverage from a compliant media that will make it seem as if he has tremendous support for "Porkulus":

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said the meeting would give the president a chance to hear Americans' concerns about the bill, which was set to have a key vote in the Senate on Monday afternoon.

He's going to visit two of the areas hardest-hit by unemployment and foreclosure, so don't expect to see much besides folks with their hands out, demanding more of your money to help them with their problems (damn you and your own).

Will this dog-and-pony show change any minds? We'll have to check those approval ratings, see how much they've slid by Thursday. Meanwhile, someone want to inform Baracky that he's president now, and perhaps he should work to craft these grand compromises he promised?
Or is "work" - something Barack Obama has never done, incidentally - the real problem here?

After all, empty promises on the campaign trail are so much less stressful. And like a druggie hooked on the pipe, it's quite easy to fall back on, too...

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