Thursday, February 05, 2009


Via Instapundit, Michael Yon reports from the Israeli city of Sderot, where we learn what life is like for a child growing up in the shadow of an Islamist state:

On February 1, 2009, the day of my visit, The International Herald Tribune reported:

At least two rockets and several mortars were fired into Israel on Sunday, lightly wounding two soldiers and a civilian, and Palestinian militants opened fire on an army patrol along the border, causing no injuries, the military said.
Residents said that one of the rockets landed near a kindergarten in an Israeli village east of Gaza but failed to explode.

The playgrounds in Sderot come equipped with bomb shelters, decorated with kid-friendly art. When the alarms sound, the youngsters have 15 seconds to dash, tumble or waddle into a shelter before impact, or risk being torn asunder.

Earsplitting detonations, spewing searing hot steel, must be terrifying for the kids. It is truly sad to imagine that a ten year-old can have more experience diving for cover than many combat experienced soldiers.

According to the “Kassam counter”, as of February 1, 10,046 Kassam rockets have hit Sderot and the Western Negev since 2001. During a single two-week period, 293 rockets rained in on Sderot. According to a pamphlet from the Sderot Information Center, a kindergarten teacher asked her pupils, “Why does the snail have a shell?” The Children answered in chorus, “So it can be protected from the Kassam rockets.”

This is the result of "land for peace". This is the result of bargining with terrorists in good faith. This is the result of a hate-filled Islamic ideology gaining power and international recognition.

May God forever keep them in their 12th century squalor, until they repent of their sick and hateful ways.

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