Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cometh The Insurrection !

Economic genuis and liberal messiah Barack Obama has a plan to resolve the multi-trillion dollar deficit he just burdened his nation with, and it is right out of the Socialist handbook:

President Obama is putting the finishing touches on an ambitious first budget that seeks to cut the federal deficit in half over the next four years, primarily by raising taxes on business and the wealthy and by slashing spending on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, administration officials said.

But don't say he doesn't support the troops, OK? Just because he's diverting wartime spending to ACORN doesn't make him any less of a patriot!

The larger questions is, of course, will his plan of taxing the consumption class (the rich) and taxing the job providers (businesses) really help lift the country out of its deepening recession?

It defies logic on the face, of course, and Barack Obama and the Democrats will tell you that you're just not nuanced enough to understand the inner working of the plan. But there's a reason socialism always fails in practice, and it will force Obama and the Democrats into a very interesting choice:

History tells us, however, that economic redistribution plans fail because the producers of society would rather not produce, than have the fruits of their production taken away and given to others. Obama can raise the tax rates on income, but he cannot force people to generate income to be taxed. People may just say "no." This resistance will not come from evading taxes, but from evading taxable income. In the end, as must all economic redistributors, Obama either will have to resort to repressive measures, or he will have to abandon his redistributive plans.

...Obama and the Democratic-controlled Congress, who are so anxious to raise income taxes on the "rich," will be in for a rude surprise. There is nothing Obama can do about people who would rather not work than have the fruits of their labors confiscated, or who structure their lives to avoid taxation.

The Insurrection is lapping at our shores, with taxpayer protests - "tea parties" - sprouting up in even the bluest of blue strongholds...hey Baracky, when they're rising up in Seattle, you know you got a problem:

To paraphrase Twain, it appears as if the reports of the death of the American spirit has been greatly exaggerated....

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Right Truth said...

I am encouraged by the tea parties across the US. All we can do at this point is make our voices heard and pray

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth