Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fighting Terrorists Strengthens Terrorists! Oh, Wait...

That's just another line of bullsh*t peddled by the mainstream media, who can't let the truth get in the way of a convenient storyline, or hardcore liberals, who would rather die on their knees than fight - for anything.

Turns out the truth in Gaza is anything but:

A new poll by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion found that 51% of Palestinians and 56% of those living in the Gaza Strip now believe that Hamas is leading Gaza in the "wrong" direction. Only 28% of Gaza Palestinians say they support Hamas, down from 52% in a survey conducted in November, before the recent conflict.

These survey results may well actually overstate the degree of popular support enjoyed by Hamas in Gaza. We know from previous experience that polls conducted in repressive societies are often unreliable because respondents are afraid to express views critical of the government, for fear of arrest or other punishment.

The fall in Hamas' popular support does not by itself justify Israel's recent policies. But it does provide an important data point in the longstanding debate over the impact of military action on public support for terrorists. It turns out that you can cause that support to drop - if you win.

WIll the media and the Democrats revisit this long-discredited saw? Unlikely:

But clear military defeat is such an obvious setback that all but the most committed ideologues find it difficult to ignore or explain away.

And are there any better examples on the scene today of "committed ideologues" than the Democrats and our national media ?

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