Monday, February 23, 2009

Obama Allows Durbin Bus To Roll Over The Jews...

Yup, the US just finished its preliminary involvement with the Durbin II conference - you know, the sequel to the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel hatefest that George Bush and Colin Powell walked out of the first time.

Well, we now have men of lesser character in charge now, who believe it it more improtant to kiss the filthy butts of the jihadis than protect the innocent from their continual advance. Anne Bayefsky at Forbes reports on the sell-out of the Jewish homeland by the Obamanites:

The Obama team was not only silent on the new "Israel is racist" language, it also said nothing when faced with Holocaust denial....

European Union delegates confirmed that their silence on the Palestinian proposal [ to criminalize Israel] was deliberate, commenting off-camera that the references to Israeli racism had already been made in the Durban I Declaration, and the purpose of Durban II is to implement Durban I.

The U.S. administration attended four full days of negotiation. During that time they witnessed the following: the failure to adopt a proposal to act against Holocaust denial, a new proposal to single out Israel, which will now be included in the draft without brackets...vigorous refusal by many states to back down on references to "Islamophobia" (the general allegation of a racist Western plot to discriminate against all Muslims), and numerous attacks on free speech.

So that's Obama's New World Order. Curry favor with the Muslims by giving Israel the "Czechoslovakia at Munich" treatment, ban all criticism of Islam as "hate speech", and give the UN legal power to implement these Orwellian codes throughout the world.

And why? Well, let's not forget a certain Obama influence who was quite unhappy about the 2001 Durbin boycott:

Powell's [walkout] was applauded by most Americans, with a few exceptions, like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who said in a sermon a year later that Washington had left Durban because "somebody dared to point out the racism" prevalent "both here and in Israel."

Note to liberals: Maybe now you should start feeling some of that "shame" for your country that you're always crying about...

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Anonymous said...

Gee, wonder why the media hasn't picked this up yet?
Expect four more years of similar "non-reporting".