Friday, February 06, 2009

No Hope For Change

Especially with a nasty little man like this at the helm:

President Barack Obama is bringing in a team of outside advisers to help steer the economy out of a tailspin, while ridiculing Republicans for clinging to a "losing formula"...

In a feisty speech that sounded like a campaign rally address, Obama took a sharper tone than he has in recent weeks and aggressively challenged Republicans, who voted as a block against the plan in the House and are demanding massive changes to the measure in the Senate.

Obama know how to campaign, alas, he is clueless about how to lead. The Republicans, however, know how to represent, and they are representing the will of the American people in this pitched battle for the future of our republic:

Eighty-one percent of Americans say the stimulus bill should be a bipartisan effort. Just 13 percent think it is okay for a bill to be passed with only the backing of the Democratic majority.

Americans are receptive to Republicans' push to increase the proportion of tax cuts in the stimulus bill: Asked whether higher government spending or tax cuts for business would be more effective in ending the recession, 59 percent choose the tax cuts. Just 22 percent prefer more government spending.

The public is not optimistic about the impact of the economic stimulus bill: Just 21 percent believe it will significantly shorten the recession. An additional 18 percent believe it will shorten the recession slightly. Forty-five percent say it will not shorten the recession at all.

And what is Obama's answer to all this? The Hope of Fear:

"A failure to act, and act now, will turn crisis into a catastrophe." -- President Obama, Feb. 4.

Hopeless...and only 17 days in....

Update: Nastier and Nastier...Change I can say I expected!

A fired-up Barack Obama ditched his TelePrompter to rally House Democrats and rip Republican opponents of his recovery package Thursday night – at one point openly mocking the GOP for failing to follow through on promises of bipartisanship.

This IS change, all right - George W. Bush was never so openly hateful of his political opponents. And who was it that promised to work for bipartisanship, anyway?
Obama is way, way out of his league....and will drag the rest of us down with him.

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Erica said...

He is a nasty little man. I read that story earlier this morning be honest, I have been trying to have an open mind but this story just made my open mind slam shut. He is trying to marginalize our party into a bunch of pariahs, and bend the system of checks and balances into a one party system solely of Democrats.