Friday, February 27, 2009

New Jersey: Going to Pot!

Bob Ingle reports on the latest liberal trend working its way through Trenton:

Interviewed on New York (of course) radio, Corzine said he would sign a medical marijuana bill if it passes the Legislature....There is property relief in this too. People with five contiguous acres can be pot farmers and get their property taxes lowered under the state’s farming laws. They would have to sell $500 worth a year, but that should be a snap.

SInce the state legislature of New jersey is notorious for passing laws that benefit their own financial well-bieng, it should be interesting to see how many of our representatives suddenly become heroic "weed growers". After all, once "tree farmers" became eligible for a huge tax cut, many of those who have enriched themselves at the public trough - primarily in-office politicians - found a great way to reduce taxes on their overextended estates.

However, growing marijuana indoors, using the hydroponic system of nutrients and grow lights to produce a stronger, more effective product, is still a felony.

After all, everyone know a marijuana farm next door is much less of a nuisance than a small indoor lab, right?

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