Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Obama Meltdown -Day 14

Well, we (on the right) knew the American people were electing a charlatan, a con man, a hoaxer, a carnival barker, a magician without a trick up his sleeve to the presidency of the United States. But even most of us didn't believe his adminstration - after what the press adoring called the smoothest transistion in memory - would be in complete and utter disarray in such short order.

Victor Davis Hanson spells it out:

We are quite literally after two weeks teetering on an Obama implosion—and with no Dick Morris to bail him out—brought on by messianic delusions of grandeur, hubris, and a strange naivete that soaring rhetoric and a multiracial profile can add requisite cover to good old-fashioned Chicago politicking.

First, there were the sermons on ethics, belied by the appointments of tax dodgers, crass lobbyists, and wheeler-dealers like Richardson—with the relish of the Blago tapes still to come...

Second, was the "stimulus" (the euphemism for "borrow/print money") that was simply a way to go into debt for a generation to shower Democratic constinuencies with cash.

Then third, there were the inflated lectures on historic foreign policy to be made by the clumsy political novice who trashed his own country and his predecessor in the most ungracious manner overseas to a censured Saudi-run press organ ...

Fifth, Gibbs as press secretary is a Scott McClellan nightmare that won't go away... Blaming Fox News for Obama's calamities is McClellan to the core and doesn't work...

Six, Biden is being Biden. Already, he's ridiculed the chief justice, trashed the former VP, bragged on himself ad nauseam in Bidenesque weird ways, and it's only been two weeks.

And the result of all this?

At home, Obama is becoming laughable and laying the groundwork for the greatest conservative populist reaction since the Reagan Revolution.

Abroad, some really creepy people are lining up to test Obama's world view of "Bush did it/but I am the world": The North Koreans are readying their missiles; the Iranians are calling us passive, bragging on nukes and satellites; Russia is declaring missile defense is over and the Euros in real need of iffy Russian gas; Pakistanis say no more drone attacks....

We're in touble, folks, and it's real early in the game? Can Obama turn it around, or will he suck us all down with him?

Hey - at least he's still cool, OK?

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