Friday, January 28, 2011

ABC News in bed with new Obama press secretary Jay Carney...literally

Here's all you need to know about Obama's newest propaganda chief:

Carney, now the communications director for Vice President Biden...will assume perhaps the most high profile staff job in the White House.

He came to the Administration in 2008 after a long career in journalism that included serving as Washington bureau chief of Time magazine. Carney is married to ABC News' correspondent Claire Shipman.

How will this shape Claire Shipman's - and ABC's - coverage of the Obama administration? No doubt anything Shipman now writes/reports on domestic politics has to be taken with more than a grain of salt, although that's been true of her for a while. She's perhaps
most famous for her Barack Obama as "prom king" analogy, which in a sense also forshadowed the "Tuscon libel" conducted by the media just weeks ago:

It would have been great had he come home (from Copenhagen) a winner,” Shipman wrote. “Great for all of us. But maybe not so much for him. Why? Because then he would have then really irked his critics.”

“[Obama’s critics] already secretly and not so secretly peeved that he’s been voted the world’s prom king. Another victory would have just started a wave of dangerous, uncontrollable seething.”

But that's only the tip of Shipman's iceberg of liberal bias. See
here for links to preposterous stories she has penned claiming that Rahm Emmanuel is a "centrist", a title she hands to Sonia Sotomayor as well. Not to mention other articles hinting racial aspects to Obama's unpopularity, as well as a doozy where she equates a young Israeli girl slaughtered by terrorists (on her way to buy groceries) with the animals that murdered her.

Again - this woman's title is Senior National Correspondent for ABC's Good Morning America. Shouldn't the fact that she's sleeping with a key figure in the Obama administration give ABC some pause about keeping her in that position, a position in which she can slant and shape news to fit and reflect her husband's boss's needs?

How about a disclaimer, at the very least? Or is my request for any kind of journalistic honor and decency simply laughable in these last, crumbling days of the mainstream media empire?

Somewhere, Edward R Murrow spins like a top in his grave...

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