Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Palestinian Flag Unfurled In Washington

The Obama Administration - the most transparent evah - makes its most unpopular moves while the nation's eyes are turned elsewhere. Remember health care reform passing on Christmas Eve?

While the national media is enthralled with the Chinese state visit, a more subtle but symbolic foreign policy change has been affected in regards to the terrorists entity known as the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

The PLO is now allowed, by grant of the State Department, to
fly the flag of terror in Washington, DC

The Palestinian diplomatic mission in Washington on Tuesday hoisted its national flag for the first time, saying it symbolized the struggle for independence.

The US State Department said the flag ceremony was approved several months ago and does not change the status of the Palestinian mission in Washington.

The statement said delegates from the State Department and Arab League Ambassador Hussein Hasouneh attended the ceremony.

"This flag symbolizes the struggle of the Palestinian people for independence," Areikat was quoted by his mission as saying....

A struggle that involves killing innocent Jewish men, women, and children, both in Israel and abroad. One must assume that the Obama administration approves of this approach, or surely he would have simply refused permission - as all of his predecessors had done - for the PLO's banner of hatred to be waved.

Coming from a man who crawls on his knees so as not to offend the Muslim world, he seems not to care much about offending anyone else, especially American Jews who have had family killed by the same folks who now hoist the PLO flag in their nation's capital. Tolerance, apparently, is only a one-way street for the Obama administration, and Jews are supposed to tolerate being killed and tolerate it being waved in their faces in Washington, DC.

And when you compare the fawning treatment Chinese communist leader Hu Jintao is currently getting from Barack Obama to the contemptuous manners he displayed before Benjamin Netanyahu ("There is no humiliation exercise that the Americans did not try on the prime minister and his entourage," Israel's Maariv newspaper reported), the disdain he has for both Israel and the Jews is made quite clear.

Obama is not likely to worry much, though. He's not up for re-election for almost two years, and the bulk of American Jews will likely cling to his feet anyway.

Still....not sure if this is the change most Americans were hoping for...


Richard Neva said...

Where do you get off calling Palestinians terrorists?! You fascist imbecile, Isreal is the enemy and America enables them making America a terrorist also! Do some reading instead of writing because your writing makes no damn sense!

The JerseyNut said...

Googled your name, saw you leaving similar inane comments on similar sites. Back under the bridge from whence yo came, troll!