Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chris Christie: Year One Results Are In!

Well, it's actually been 360 days, but that's close enough. Let's go to the stat box, and see how a Republican governor gets the job done, Jersey-style:

$158,000,000,000 – The amount that Governor Christie’s pension & benefit reform plan will save in the estimated pension shortfall in 2041 if implemented.

$11,000,000,000 -Budget shortfall closed

$0 – Tax increases while closing an $11 billion budget deficit

2,334,420 – YouTube video views

174,943 – Constituents responded to by the Governor’s Office of Constituent Relations

280+ – Number of times Governor Christie featured on the front page of The Star-Ledger

269 – New Jerseyans nominated by Governor Christie (boards/commissions/authorities, cabinet members, judges, prosecutors, directors). Of which, 84 are still waiting for State Senate action

87 – Radio interviews including 12 “Ask the Governor” programs on 101.5 FM

85 – New Jersey towns visited

58 – Percent of school budgets defeated after unions refused pay freeze – highest ever percentage of defeated school budgets

52 – Executive Orders Issued

26 – Employer meetings and site visits, including Boeing, BASF, and Honeywell

25 – Town hall events held across the state

21 – Number of counties visited in the state

16 – Number of times the governor has exercised veto authority to police the actions of state boards, commissions and authorities

15 – Business relocations to New Jersey from New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Maryland

11– Conditional vetoes of legislation

11 – Absolute vetoes of legislation

10– Foreign delegations received in New Jersey

8– Foreign Direct Investment Projects - From China, Portugal, and Germany

6 - Fortune 500 Expansions - Campbell Soup Company, Coca Cola Enterprises, Honeywell, Pitney Bowes, UPS, and Boeing

6 – Charter schools approved

2 – Percent Property tax cap passed

1 – Number of times the Governor read ‘twas the night before Christmas with the Boston Pops Orchestra

Infinite – Number of times Governor Christie has been asked if he is running for president; number of times he has answered NO

And this isn't even the half of it; go to MoreMonmouthMusings for the ...."complete" list!

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MikeGSP said...

I closed my budget gap, too. All I had to do was stop paying my mortgage. Kinda like what the Guv did to "close" NJ's budget gap. ;-)