Sunday, January 23, 2011

New York City: Wanna Be Safe? Get A Gun...

A lesson on "gun control" from New York, one which Mayor Michael Bloomberg - an anti-gun nut without rival - will surely ignore, as most liberals ignore facts that don't fit into their preconceived notions:

A middle-class enclave on the South Shore of the city's southernmost borough is the gun capital of New York, with 509 residents -- or about one in every 57 males -- legally packing heat.

The neighborhood is filled with single-family homes on 40-by- 100-foot lots and attached town houses, largely populated with conservative-leaning civil servants like cops and firefighters, as well as Wall Streeters.

The well-armed area is also one of the city's safest. The 123rd Precinct has seen a 27 percent decrease in major crimes over the past 10 years, and there were just two homicides there in 2009 and 2010


There are dozens of ZIP codes with only one permit issued, including in Queens, The Bronx and Brooklyn.

Let's look at just one - Morrisania, in the Bronx. What's
a typical week like in the gun-control capital of Bloomberg's New York? Let's look at the week of November 15th, 2010, by police precinct:

Precinct 42
34 crimes reported in Precinct 42
4 rapes, 9 robberies, 6 felony assaults, 8 burglaries, 2 grand larcenies, 5 grand larcenies (auto).

Precinct 41
27 crimes reported in Precinct 41
6 robberies, 7 felony assaults, 3 burglaries, 10 grand larcenies, 1 grand larceny (auto).

Precinct 44
65 crimes reported in Precinct 44
1 rape, 23 robberies, 16 felony assaults, 9 burglaries, 14 grand larcenies, 2 grand larcenies (auto).

Precinct 40
30 crimes reported in Precinct 40
2 rapes, 9 robberies, 6 felony assaults, 3 burglaries, 7 grand larcenies, 3 grand larcenies (auto).

Nah, no reason to own a gun in Morrisiania...the next thing you know, those brown-skinned ingrates will want to move out of their city-run projects and own a house, like those neanderthals on Staten Island...

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