Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Liberals Take To Twitter, To Call For Sarah Palin's Death... bullet, rope, or cancer, they don't care, they just want Sarah Palin dead. Now. So that they have something to crow about, I suppose, being that their party was just decimated in Congress, their president is as popular as a herpes sore, and their beknighted liberal governing philosophy is being exposed every day as more scam than substance.

Going down, these folks who shriek at us and call us "haters" want to make sure they drag their adversary down with them.

Welcome to the mindset of the American progressive, via the Daily Caller:

It's sad to see the unbridled anger these folks hold in their hearts. Which goes a way towards explaining their beliefs that Tea Party conservatives were somehow the motivating force behind Jared Loughner's gunshots. After all, the mere sight of their political antipodes drives them mad with hatred and venomous rage; they simply believe we feel the same way, only that we are capable of committing the acts that they simply fantasize/fetishize about.

If only they looked at their own words and deeds, they'd see which side truly has issues with civil discourse. But liberals - like many mentally challenged folks - can't seem to deal much with reality, so they simply change it on the fly to fit their needs, and flip out (like the homeless man on the corner) on those who dare point out the lack of logic and coherence in their worldview.

It's OK to feel sorry for the Left, to some degree. But not enough that we should allow them to get away with smearing us with blood libels....

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