Sunday, January 02, 2011

Andrew Cuomo loses the New York Times... record time. For a Democrat.

In an editorial published less than 48 hours before Cuomo took office, the Times warns him he'd better back down on his campaign cap some taxes (gasp!) and actually end others (cue fainting thud).

Your orders, Herr Governor:

His most pressing task will be to carve $9 billion out of the state’s $135 billion budget. His rash campaign promises to cap property taxes and end a small extra tax on high-income earners will make that even tougher.

He needs to jettison both tax promises....Mr. Cuomo will need to find ways to limit the damage to the state’s most vulnerable citizens in the process.

In other words, punish the productive to coddle the unproductive. Liberal business as usual is the medicine that the Times prescribes, even as it admits a generation of the same has likely brought New York to the national-joke status shared only with the failed state of California.

Of course, folks don't laugh as much at New Jersey anymore; maybe that's why Coumo Jr. is casting his eyes across the Hudson River for a model to follow. And maybe that's why the Times editorial staff is soiling themselves and warning Cuomo to back off before he's begun, lest the people see that a state can succeed without following the liberal welfare model they champion...

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