Friday, January 21, 2011

A Kennedy in Connecticut?

Liberalism is a messiah-based governing philosophy; and based on Obama's machinations, magic-based as well.

So who better to serve as the magical messiah and lead the next (sigh) liberal revolution than a Kennedy?

The faithful hunt for signs in the firmament:

The late U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s son, Ted Jr., is among the names being floated as potential candidates for Connecticut U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman’s seat in 2012.

Kennedy, the middle child of the late senator and his former wife, Joan, has been mentioned as a possible candidate for Lieberman’s seat, which the 23-year senator is giving up when his term ends next year. One Kennedy family friend called the 49-year-old attorney, who lives in Connecticut, a “great candidate.”

“Why wouldn’t he be interested in the seat?” said the source. “He is his father’s son.”

Kennedy, who lost a leg to cancer when he was 12, runs a New York law firm and is an activist for the disabled. His inspirational eulogy at his father’s 2009 funeral had some observers eyeing him for higher office....

Reminds me of another liberal who gave a great speech once, who had the right bona fides (in this case, elite educational pedigree and the right skin tone), and was pushed into running for higher office, despite a life lead with minimal accomplishments. And how well has that worked out?

If this Kennedy is smart, he'll realize that 2012 may just not be his year. Then again, the voters of Connecticut - being a deep shade of blue - have proven that you don't need to be smart to win their love, or their votes.

And after all - who wants to be tagged with the discrimination label for voting against a man with one leg? (of course, were it a Republican candidate, the word "cripple" would be tossed around like so many Nazi analogies...). With a built-in smear for any that oppose him that the media can apply quite "liberally" (see Obama, Barack), maybe this Kennedy can win.

Assuming, of course, guilt is not a rope that can some day wear thin...

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